Trolleys and suitcases for children: here are the perfect pieces of luggage for travelling!

Suitcases, trolleys, ride-ons, hand luggage: are you nearing holidays and are you looking for the most suitable luggage for your children? Here’s how to choose them and some of the best online offers!

Trolleys and suitcases for children : do you use them?
Ever since my daughter was little, I have always preferred when traveling that she had her suitcase and we had ours. In fact, I am of the opinion that clothes and things to take on a trip, if they are separate, can be organized better and even at a glance you can do a quick check instead of rummaging in a single suitcase.

Why buy a suitcase for children

But what I find most positive and inspiring about kids luggage is that it teaches them from an early age how to be more independent, organized, and in charge of their own stuff.
The trick I’ve always used to get my daughter involved in this thing is to have her prepare her suitcase by herself and from an early age, whether she was preparing her purse to go to sleep with her grandparents, or preparing her suitcase for our travels or the trolley for the first school camps or for the school trip. Obviously in the first years I was there to check, but over time she got so used to organizing her luggage and her things that she didn’t need me anymore. A great thing I assure you!

So if you are preparing a vacation and want to give your children the opportunity to learn how to prepare to go on a trip (with you or without you), give them their own baggage where they can store their things and manage as they wish. Autonomy always teaches something. 

Suitcases and trolleys for children: how to choose the luggage for the little ones

Don’t have luggage for the kids and have I convinced you to buy one? Well, now comes the fun part: suitcase, bag, trolley, ride-on luggage… which one is better? Let’s say that for the purpose that I have described above they are all good. But having to choose, in addition to the design and colors (which will be the ones that will attract your children the most), also pay attention to other factors such as:

  1. quality materials:

    a good suitcase for children must be robust, resistant and durable. Rigid suitcases and trolleys in resistant plastic, with thin plates of aluminum and fiberglass are excellent because they are both light and robust. Soft material is also great for purses, but it will need to be thick enough to prevent tearing. The seams and zippers also need to be reinforced and quality as they are usually the first thing to break in a suitcase;

  2. the security:

    children’s luggage should not have sharp edges or parts that could hurt children. Furthermore, to prevent intruders from forcing the suitcase open, make sure it has good quality safety locks;

  3. easy to clean:

    children are not very careful not to dirty the suitcase, so when choosing your favorite suitcases you can clean them well both inside and out;

  4. the dimensions :

    children’s suitcases are usually small (about 15-25 litres) although you can easily find many larger ones. So before buying one check that it is the size you need.

  5. with organized compartments :

    children must be able to organize their clothes and the things they pack well, so bags that have a spacious interior and possibly with some dividers or pockets where you can put a little of everything in an orderly manner are preferable.

  6. the prints :

    choose a fun suitcase that your little ones like. Print may be irrelevant to you, but you already know that it’s the most important thing for kids. However, remember that a suitcase must last for years and therefore opt for patterns that do not tire you out. The more the designs have a specific theme, the faster they will go out of style. Quieter subjects such as animals, on the other hand, are an evergreen.

Suitcases and trolleys for children: the most popular brands and models

On the market there are many types and brands of suitcases and trolleys for children to choose from, each of which has unique designs, colors and features to make the journey of the little ones easy and fun. Here are some examples

Trolleys / rigid suitcases for children

Simple but practical, handy and very cute is this Carpisa trolley . It is small and space-saving, robust and resistant and is equipped with 360-degree swivel wheels. The ideal piece of luggage for short trips.

If you like Mickey Mouse here is a cute original Disney trolley . Made of ABS, a rigid and light material, it has four wheels with multidirectional swivels for easy movement.
Where to find it→ Disney children’s suitcase trolley

Soft trolley suitcases for children

If you love Samsonite quality , this is a trolley case that is part of a 2020 collection of adorable bags and trolleys called Happy Sammies , in 100% recycled PET, all dedicated to animals. This trolley has the shape of a small hedgehog but you can also choose from many other characters with unique, soft and padded 3D animals. It has two wheels for towing, a telescopic handle and ergonomic straps with reflective strips designed to keep your children safe.
Integrated wheels. In addition to being very well made, it is comfortable and spacious!

Another cute Lassig trolley! It’s a little bigger than the previous one, but still soft, in fabric and with animals as protagonists. Inside it is fully lined, spacious and with compartments to organize your laundry. Outside it has a large pocket, handle, telescopic handle and two wheels for towing.

Hand luggage / duffel bag for children

As hand luggage for children you can also opt for the classic bags. I have chosen three of them, all very nice and roomy and which have comfortable compartments for organizing clothes and accessories. For everyone there is a version for both boys and girls.

  1. Reisenthel bag blue version / pink version
  2. Lassig bag blue version / pink version
  3. Bag-Sport-Minions-Girl-Official

Ride-on suitcases for children

A model of luggage much loved by both mothers and children are the ride-on suitcases.   These are real travel trolleys equipped with wheels, handle and straps for towing, but which have a special ergonomic shape for children to sit astride. This certainly comes in handy when you are on long journeys and the kids are tired or need to be entertained. Here are four models of ride-on suitcases for children from well-known brands:

  1. TRUNKI-Children’s ride-on suitcase
  2. SAMSONITE Suitcase-ride-on
  3. DISNEY-Suitcases-ride-on with Mickey and Minnie

Matching luggage set for children

If a trolley is not enough for you and you also want to combine a small backpack for short outings then I suggest you choose a set of suitcases for children. These GOPLUS sets are really beautiful and resistant! Made of resistant PC plastic, they are semi-rigid but light, have high water resistance, wheels and handle, adjustable belts, adjustable handle.
Useful for taking clothing on vacation, or for going to school with books.
Where to find them:

  1. Monster Suitcases set for children
  2. Mermaid Suitcase set for kids
  3. Astronaut Suitcase set for children
  4. Savannah animals Suitcase set for children

Have you seen how beautiful these children’s suitcases are? You can choose one of these or have fun looking for others.
In any case, I point out that often the suitcases (especially those ordered online) are shipped with an opaque transparent protective film . Many upon their arrival think that the baggage is worn, scratched or has a defect in the paint. None of this. Just remember to remove the film.

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