Summer 2020 books: here are 10 books to read on vacation!

Books summer 2020. Whether it’s a romance novel, thriller or author’s book, it’s not a holiday without reading a good book. Here are 10 interesting reads for the summer!

And finally summer has arrived …another summer! It officially started in June and won’t end until mid-September. Beautiful right?! More than anything, after such a difficult winter, we all needed a little relaxation and escape , both physical and mental.

There are hundreds of things to do in the summer – oh yes, we will have many things to do…especially if we have children, right? 😉 – but I’m willing to bet that among these things we’ll find time for reading too. Yes, I’d say it really isn’t summer without having bought a good book to read!

Books Summer 2020: here are the recommended readings for these holidays

Whether it’s a romance novel, a thriller, an author’s book or a best seller, whether it’s to dream and fantasize under the sun or to stay up all night, reading a good book is truly one of the most relaxing things we can do during the summer.
The places to do it can be the most disparate: on the beach chair or on a park bench, on the sofa at home or while travelling, in bed before going to sleep or in the morning as soon as you wake up.

But which book to read? The choice is never simple and depends on what everyone is looking for in a book. Today I’m trying to suggest some that you might like a lot and that aren’t related to the topic of babies, baby food, bedtime. 😀
So here are the 10 books to read for this summer 2020 that I recommend to escape a bit.

I before you

If you like romantic but unconventional love stories, read Me Before You , a book with a beautiful plot, pleasant to read, sometimes funny but very moving and engaging. The novel captures the reader from the very first pages and you can’t rest until you read it all. The story delicately deals with very thorny themes such as illness and death on which it induces us to reflect. In short, a profound book, never taken for granted, which remains inside the head for days.
Genre: romance novel

Change the water to the flowers

“A sensitive novel, a book that takes you from tears to laughter with funny and touching characters”: this is the reason why Changing the water for flowers won the Prix Maison de la Press. It is the story of a cemetery guardian who hides a great personality behind a sloppy appearance – beautiful, sunny, with a big heart, who always has a kind word for everyone – but also a story full of mysteries and ties that are discovered from the day of the arrival of a policeman who makes a strange request. In short, an intriguing story in which the pages flow fast and are so intense that they prevent you from leaving them until the end.
Genre: romance novel

Whenever I’m alone with you

Whenever I’m Alone With You is a lovable book, a romantic read that you will love to read because it makes you feel all kinds of emotions possible, going from one extreme to the other.
It is the story of a chance encounter between a gruff and wildly charming former successful writer, tormented by a sad secret, and a talented young journalist. What should have been a brief business meeting unexpectedly extends and the two are forced to share a spartan cabin for days, isolated from the world and putting up with each other. But what could happen if forced coexistence turns out to be more pleasant than expected?
Genre: romance novel


Zoo is the new thriller book from the author of “ I know who you are” : two parallel stories that end in the same place, at the same time and have a single sequel (although it is not necessary to read ‘I know who you are’ to understand Zoo and vice versa). It’s the story of Anna who wakes up lying on a cold, hard surface, still wearing yesterday’s clothes and no memory of your last few hours. It seems like a nightmare instead she is right in a cage, in a shed full of cages similar to hers and people imprisoned like her. From that moment begins a tough fight against whoever closed her in there, someone who can’t be seen but whose presence is felt in every inch of that scary place, day and night. It will be up to her to decide whether to fight or let herself die. The reading is recommended for those who love strong readings.
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

Men come from Mars, women from Venus is a sort of “instruction manual”, in some ways illuminating, which helps not only to better understand the dynamics of a couple but also to better interpret the universe of the opposite sex and to respect it for that which is.
John Gray’s book is based on a thought as simple as it is effective: men and women have two different ways of thinking, of speaking, of loving. The behaviors of men and women therefore often take on diametrically opposite meanings even when faced with the same type of problem. But as you learn to recognize and appreciate the differences between the two sexes, everything becomes easier, misunderstandings disappear and relationships strengthen. And most importantly, we can learn to love and best support the people we feel close to.
Genre: self-help

Emotional intelligence

Another book that is particularly suitable for reading on vacation is Emotional Intelligence. It is a book full of information and food for thought of a psychological nature. It’s extraordinarily useful for understanding what drives us in everyday reactions and how emotional intelligence can be developed and perfected, to better govern our emotions and always get the most out of ourselves and others. Although the topic is challenging, the writing is extremely captivating and flowing and very enjoyable reading.
Genre: motivational/self-esteem/psychology

Vita con Lloyd

Born on social media and then arrived in bookstores, ” Life with Lloyd – My days with an imaginary butler ” is a brilliant and fun book, a small treasure chest of irony and wisdom, pleasant to read a little at a time, in small sips like a good glass of wine. It is a collection of unpublished and unpublished dialogues, full of fine metaphors (born from a Facebook page of Simone Tempia), between Lloyd, an imaginary butler and his Sir. These dialogues are short exchanges and ironic and slightly chic jokes that invite the reader to reflect on small and large topics of everyday life with a pinch of irony. New genre of reading, recommended for those looking for a book that is not binding and in any case extremely interesting and enjoyable.
Genre: Humor.

Stories of losers who rocked the world

Another really brilliant and fun book to read with tears in your eyes (from laughter) is Stories of losers who rocked the world. The book consists of 20 biographies, one more entertaining and instructive than the other (ranging over the centuries from Leopardi to Pavese, from Van Gogh to Antonio Ligabue, from Marilyn to Mercury and many others) which, in addition to entertaining, offers a point of different view to get to know various historical and non-historical characters. In short, a beautiful combination of humor and culture.
Genre: Humor

Sleepless nights, kisses for breakfast

Anyone who hangs out on Facebook and follows characters who also talk about parenting will surely have come across Matteo Bussola, a professional illustrator but also a writer, husband and father of three daughters. And it is precisely in his book Notti in bianco, baci a chitarra that Bussola lets us into his house by telling, in a tender and amusing way, about himself and his family in everyday life. He tells funny episodes that happen to all parents to some extent, but he does it almost as if it were a diary that becomes a collector of anecdotes, bizarre dialogues, reflections, funny family, social and work scenes. In short, it is not the usual book on fatherhood even if the book is written by a father.
Genre: for parents.

Holiday homework book for adults

Finally, if you don’t want to read any stories or tales but something to have fun detoxifying your mind and exercising your brain, I recommend The holiday homework book for adults. It is a sort of fun homework subsidiary but made and designed for adults, with pastimes, quizzes, mazes, logic exercises, all with current issues, films, series, music, science, food. To take out at any time of the day both on the beach and at home. 120 hours of pure fun!
Genre: Leisure

For other suggestions on interesting books and reading, I suggest you visit the BOOKS AND READING section of Fertile Period!

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