Original birthday cakes for children: here are 6 easy recipes!

When my daughter was little one of the things I couldn’t wait for her birthday was to make her cake . I’m not a phenomenon in the kitchen, but for that day I wore an apron and hat (so to speak) and gladly tried my hand at the craft of pastry cooking.
I liked the idea of ​​making her a surprise with my own hands, receiving compliments from guests and last but not least saving money by making a homemade cake rather than going to buy it.

I’ve always chosen to make very easy children’s birthday cakes because for those that are too elaborate, I either had little time or little experience. The result, even if simple, was still liked by everyone.

Children’s birthday cakes

In the wake of these memories, today I show you 6  easy birthday cakes that you can make for your children’s next birthday. I deliberately did not search the web  for spectacular birthday cakes  (they are the ones that turn out to be worse if you are not super good), but  birthday cake recipes that are very easy to make , suitable for children and still beautiful to look at.
If they weren’t within your reach, you can try to make them in a simpler version that is more congenial to you.

Birthday cake with chocolate bars and lentils

This is the classic example of how little tricks are enough to make a successful birthday cake.
In fact, it is sufficient to prepare a cake with a common sponge cake filled with cream and small pieces of chocolate and decorate the edge with chocolate bars  (such as Kit-kat or Togo, to be clear) in order to form a nice enclosure.
Inside you can put an expanse of colored chocolate contact lenses almost to look like a flowery meadow. It will be a birthday cake that children will hardly be able to escape from.

Birthday cake with Nutella

Easy to make cake, but with ingredients that will easily make it a delicious birthday cake. Chocolate is the host, being present inside and out. In fact, the cake is made with  chocolate sponge cake, filled with mascarpone and nutella. To make it nice as well as good, the cake is sprinkled with abundant vanilla icing sugar poured from above while the child places his hands open on the cake.

Candy cake

If you’re not great cooks and cakes just can’t do it or if you can’t bring homemade birthday cakes to kindergarten, you can make a “fake” cake . To make it you will need polystyrene discs, aluminum foil and many, many, many colored candies. You will have to completely cover the polystyrene template with all the candies or marshmallows you have bought. Arrange them to create a fascinating and tasty chromatic effect. It will be a hit!

Colored cake with the time of birth

Here’s a cake that looks like the work of a master pastry chef, but is actually really easy to make. It is a classic birthday cake made with filled sponge cake, whose strong point is a  cover created with colored coconut flour , decorated with chocolate lentils and licorice. Together they serve to design a nice and colorful clock with the hands pointing to the time of birth of the celebrated child.

Milk birthday cake

If you prefer a classic white birthday cake but with a touch of originality, try this three-milk cake.
In fact, its secret is contained in a sponge cake filled with a tasty and original amalgam made of whole milk, cream and condensed milk. A decoration made of colored sprinkles and whipped cream suggests from the outside what this cake hides in its white heart.

Donut cake

I end the list with a slightly more difficult birthday cake than the others, but only because it requires a little more precision in the decoration.
It involves preparing a simple donut made with sponge cake filled and covered with butter cream, and decorating it with a sugar icing and lots of colored sprinkles. The final effect will be to represent a huge, tasty and colorful donut.

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