How to reuse the socks of children now escaped and mismatched

I don’t know about you but in my house the items of linen that accumulate the most because broken, escaped or mismatched are socks. If you have small children, the amount of socks to put away at each change of season is really exaggerated. In fact, children know, socks escape quickly and if you do not want to find the house full of escaped socks, you have to run for cover.

If there are siblings at home who can reuse them in the future, then the socks can be put aside, perhaps in some box or drawer, waiting for them to return to serve.
But if the socks are no longer usable because they are old, broken or escaped, alas, they should be thrown away. What a pity, isn’t it?
But there is an alternative to save some. In fact, it is possible to reuse children’s socks to create many beautiful and nice little things.

Ideas for reusing children’s socks

To give socks a second life and exploit them creatively, it is not necessary to have great sewing skills. What you need are the socks you like the most, possibly needle and thread and a little imagination.
Need ideas? Here they are!

Soft puppets for children

One of the most fun things to do to reuse children’s socks are hand-sewn padded puppets. You can really make endless characters, dolls and many types of different animals and all colorful. They are decorative for the bedroom and children can use them to make lots of fun games or to have them as friends of the heart.

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