How to make children eat meat: 5 appetizing recipes!

If weaning is a delicate period for children because they have to get used to new textures and new flavors, the next period – the one in which they have to learn to appreciate a little bit of everything and eat solid foods – is no different.
In fact, it often happens that children, faced with new dishes or even the usual foods, refuse to eat them or even to taste them. I was one of them. I still have a vivid memory of my mother who, in order to make me eat meat and vegetables, ran after me with her plate. But don’t do it: it won’t help. 😉

Rather, if you have children who struggle to eat meat, try to always maintain a serene atmosphere at the table and aim to:

  • cook white or red meat but fresh, safe and quality
  • cook the meat with cooking that makes the meat tender and easily chewable
  • stimulate children to collaborate in the preparation of the menu
  • involve children in meat preparation
  • create unusual and fun meat dishes
  • Play smart and choose recipes that are appetizing for the palate and cheerful for the eyes.

Recipes for making children eat meat

In case you lack imagination in the kitchen and want to try something different, I searched the web for 5 easy recipes to cook meat for children. You can try one or even all of them… Trying does no harm. 😉

Chicken patties with carrots and orange

One of the safest ways to make children eat meat is to grind it and create tasty meatballs. They can be made with both white and red meat and can be cooked in a thousand different ways. In this case I found a recipe to make chicken and carrot meatballs looking very, very inviting!

Pizzaiola style meat puffs

Sofficini always appeal to children very much. They are usually made with pasta outside and a filling to taste inside (which can also be meat-based). In the recipe I found instead the : the meat is outside and inside you can put cheese or vegetables. Recipe here → sofficini di carne alla pizzaiola

Bites of meat with colored mashed potatoes

If your children need something very, very original, colorful and appetizing to eat meat, you can prepare colorful meat morsels like these. All you have to do is prepare normal meatballs with minced meat, egg, bread and milk (or according to your personal recipe) and garnish them on top with colored purée with vegetables such as spinach or beetroot.

Fried minced meat

Here is a tasty alternative to meatballs or hamburgers: fried minced meat! Certainly easier to eat than crushed and compact meat, it will be for children a dish are not good but also definitely inviting. The recipe is quick and easy. Recommended! !

Chicken strips with lemon

Here is an alternative dish to create a good and healthy second course: chicken slices. Made so in strips it does not even look like meat and children can easily eat it even on their own. To make the strips more appetizing you can flavor with lemon and herbs to taste. Kids will love it!

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