Gifts for newborns: 10 useful rules for doing the right one!

Choosing the right gift among the many baby gifts available on the market is not always easy. Here are some tips for orientation.

Choosing the right gift for a newborn isn’t always easy. In addition to giving a gift that makes us look good, the ideal would be to find a useful and practical gift that can be used by the child, or an original, creative or fun one that they can play with or a gift that parents also want. Surely, among so many baby gifts available on the market, care must be taken to give something that hasn’t already been donated by someone else.

Fortunately, there are so many types of things on the market to give to small children that they are spoiled for choice. This allows great freedom in purchasing, but also a certain difficulty in deciding which one is the right one to give.

10 useful rules for giving gifts for newborns

Although a gift to small children can be given at any time, the special occasions in which we usually give a gift to a newborn or small child are birth, baptism, birthday.
The type of occasion can certainly direct us towards some types of gifts rather than others (for example it is one thing to give a gift for a baptism and another is to do it for a first birthday) but if we navigate in the dark or are undecided, what do we do?
Here are some useful tips to follow that could help you choose the right gift.

1. Find out if there is a gift list

Many parents, especially on occasions such as a birth, baptism or baby shower, draw up a list of gifts they would like to receive. Before making a gift of your own, it might be best to ask if the parents have made the gift list.
Giving a gift chosen from this list, as well as avoiding making a duplicate gift, will give you the certainty that the gift you choose is an object that parents really want or need for their child.

2. Get to know the tastes and lifestyle

If there is no gift list and you don’t know what kind of gift to give, discreetly try to at least know what the tastes, habits or parental lifestyle of the family are.
This can definitely make you lean towards some types of gifts or exclude others.
For example, if parents like to “carry” the baby, they will surely appreciate gifts such as pouches, baby carriers and mei tai; if the mother is breastfeeding, a breastfeeding pillow may be appreciated; if parents are apprehensive they might like a baby monitor to always have an eye on their child; if the parents have a green and ecological lifestyle, it is better not to give away the disposable diaper cake (I’m just saying).

3. Choose a theme for your gift

Giving themed gifts is always a beautiful and rich idea and moreover it narrows the field of choice, saving us time . Themes could be bath time, travel, breastfeeding, baby care, Montessori toys, feeding time and many more.
You can give two, three or more products of the same theme and make a nice single package that contains the surprises. For example, with a bath theme, you can give away natural hygiene products, toys to entertain children, baby towels, baby care products. If traveling with baby is the theme, the gift could include ideas such as diaper bags, car toys, portable changing mats, a travel pillow, and so on.

4. Focus on ecological, natural, bio products

The theme is very topical and in fact more and more parents love to use ecological, natural or organic products for their children. Gifts of this type can be found for all kinds of children’s products. They range from clothing and layette items made with natural fabrics to washable or disposable but biodegradable diapers, from equipment such as ecological cots and high chairs to wooden toys, from natural products for baby care to organic food. This type of gift is appreciated by all parents, even by those who do not have a green lifestyle.

5. Give away consumables

If, on the other hand, parents mainly use “disposable” or consumer products , know that they will never have enough.
Therefore gifts such as a nice supply of diapers, cleansing wipes, artificial milk, baby food or things that are needed daily to raise the newborn and which can save parents money, will certainly always be welcome.
However, this is a type of gift that I recommend to those who know the family well and have some confidence with them.

6. Give personalized gifts

Personalized gift ideas are those gifts for newborns on which you can write the baby’s name, writings, dedications, drawings or nice and original thoughts designed just for the newborn.
They range from gifts such as frames, pictures, pendants, jewels, linens, toys and much more. This type of gift can be found in shops for children’s items, in jewelers but also online in sites specialized in personalized gifts. Often just a few clicks are enough to see a preview of the gift with the personalization we have chosen.
Remember that gifts with personal touches always make a good impression because parents really appreciate that the giver had the extra thought.

8. Use creativity

If you are creative and have manual skills that you can exploit, think about giving away something made with your own hands. For example, can you sew? can you knit or crochet? Are you particularly good at woodworking or decoupage work?
In short, whatever your skills, create something made with your own hands (a toy in fabric, a handmade cover, a wooden frame, a decorated box) and give it to the little one.
Your gift will be memorable.

7. Think about the parents too

In the event of a birth, if you think that the baby already has everything, even choosing something special for mum and dad is an idea that can be greatly appreciated.
It could be a gift certificate to a restaurant (even with the baby on your lap, it’s nice to go out to eat), a gift for a few hours with a postpartum doula, or even a visit to a local cleaning service.

9. Look for “accomplices”

If the parents need an expensive gift that is beyond your budget, ask several friends or family members to participate in the gift-giving with you . This makes it much easier to afford to give away that crib, that stroller and all that equipment that would be so useful to parents and that they would never dare to ask anyone.

10. Don’t forget the courtesy receipt

Finally, one last piece of advice that could be useful. Always include the receipt with the gift whatever you choose (ask the merchant to give you a courtesy receipt without a price). In this way, parents will have the possibility to replace the item if it does not fit or if they have received an identical one.

Kathryn Barlow is an OB/GYN doctor, which is the medical specialty that deals with the care of women's reproductive health, including pregnancy and childbirth.

Obstetricians provide care to women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, while gynecologists focus on the health of the female reproductive system, including the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and breasts. OB/GYN doctors are trained to provide medical and surgical care for a wide range of conditions related to women's reproductive health.

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