Gardening tools for children: here’s how to choose them!

Last week we talked about how good an activity like gardening can do for children (and the whole family)  (if you haven’t read the post yet, I suggest you do it) and we parted with a “next time I’ll tell you what buy kits and gardening tools for children to start this new adventure”.

Gardening tools for children: which ones to buy?

Let’s start by saying that there is a large selection of children’s gardening tools on the market to choose from. They range from plastic toy tools to metal and wooden tools that are simply smaller versions of high quality adult garden tools. Most tools can be purchased individually, but it’s often cheaper to buy them in kits or complete sets.

Plastic or metal

As a rule, plastic garden tools are more suitable for the little ones (1/3 years). They have the advantage of being light and usually have no sharp edges, but they are not as sturdy as the metal and wooden versions which are more suitable for older children (from 3/4 years onwards).

Gardening tools for children more useful

The most useful tools for little gardeners are : the spade, the fork, the trowel, the hoe, the rake for the leaves, the brush or the broom, the watering can and even the wheelbarrow (of which the children go crazy). Not all of these tools need to be purchased at once. I would favor tools closer to children’s favorite activities. If your kids love digging up the dirt, a long-handled spade is just what you need for making holes for planting, digging up weeds, or digging for “buried treasure.” For younger children, however, a set of forks and trowels may be easier to handle.
If, on the other hand, children prefer tools that move, a nice wheelbarrow to move things could make them a lot of fun.

For summer and winter

Do we want to say which is the most suitable tool for the hot season? A nice watering can to “give a drink” to the seedlings (then it will also happen that the children want to water their feet, but in the summer everything is allowed, right? 😉 ).
While for an autumn gardening activity , a nice rake could be used to make them play at collecting dry leaves.

Clothing for little gardeners

No less important are the clothes to wear. It is advisable to provide children with suitable clothing : washable clothes, hats to protect them from the sun, closed shoes or rubber boots, gardening gloves. And if children have particularly delicate skin, don’t forget to use a sunscreen. The sun beats down even when staying in the garden and not just by the sea.

Gardening tools for children

Having said the important things above, here is a small collection of gardening tools for children that you can give to the little ones.

Garden Tool Trolley

Here is a very nice set with trolley and plastic gardening tools . It’s closer to a toy than a real thing, but it’s useful for introducing young children to real gardening tools.

Gardening gloves for children colored and with little drawings of animals. They will be used to keep the little hands clean and protected. The elasticated cuffs are useful for keeping dirt out.

A watering can is a good investment for our little gardeners. It can be used conventionally for watering plants, but it’s also great for making mud pies and cooling your toes in hot weather. Among the many on the market, I chose this cute, small, light and functional watering can. There are also other colors.

Children’s Gardening Tools Apron

Cute apron to tie at the waist with even a pocket to put gloves or other accessories! The tools, two spades and a small rake, are made of wood and iron, of the right size for children.

Multi-pocket gardening bag with tools

Here is a nice colourful, fun and practical gardening bag, complete with spade, trowel, small rake and watering can. The tools are made of wood and metal, perfect for digging in the earth and watering the plants with mum and dad. Compliant with current European Safety Regulations.

Gardening tools

What child doesn’t like being able to play with dirt? Here then is a shovel, a broom and a rack. They will be used to collect leaves, earth and clean up the garden and vegetable garden. These children’s tools have sturdy wooden handles and are recommended for children to handle with adult supervision. Recommended from 3 years onwards.

The wheelbarrow

Children are very fond of moving objects and hauling things up and down the yard and this wheelbarrow is perfect for that purpose! They can be used to transport weeds, dry leaves, soil and pebbles (beyond their favorite toys 🙂 ).
Object dimensions: 80 x 38 x 41 cm

Bulbs, seeds and seedlings

There are many things to do in the garden, but if you start from scratch and need bulbs, seeds and seedlings, you can go with your children to the nursery closest to your home. So you can choose together what to plant and sow in your garden, in your vegetable garden or even in the pots on your balcony.

Security tips

Before concluding, some recommendations. Before purchasing any tool it is good to:

  • always read the labels of all the products you use, even organic ones, and keep everything out of the reach of children;
  • avoid chemicals or toxic substances;
  • check the measurements of the tools in motion in order to purchase tools suitable for children.

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