Embroider the layette with sea-themed designs and patterns

If you are a new mother or future mother who likes to customize sheets, bibs and some baby items, how about embroidering children’s layettes with marine subjects?

After all, it’s summer and embroidering sea-themed designs on a hat or bib could be a nice and nice idea not only to prepare something nice with your hands, but also to relax a little. And then the days are long and the time to do some work with needle and thread is not lacking.

What you have to do is locate the garment you want to embroider cross-stitch, take a pair of scissors, a rounded tip needle, colored skeins of muliné thread and if you have it also a round frame, which could help you stretch the work. Then sit in the shade in the garden with a cold drink in front and relax embroidering these cute drawings that I have prepared for all the loyal readers of Fertile Period.

Embroidering the layette: drawings and patterns themed Sea

In the PDF I have prepared, you will find many cute designs to embroider cross-stitch fish, crabs, seahorses and starfish, cabins and rudders.
For each subject you will find the scheme to follow that I have colored with two shades of blue, but that you can embroider with the colors you like best.

Each design can be embroidered individually or you can embroider and combine several designs together to create pretty cross-stitch borders for sheets, curtains and linen.


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