Electric cars and motorbikes for children: here are the most beautiful!

Driving an electric car or motorbike is every child’s dream. For this reason, electric vehicles for children are one of the most popular gifts (and, let’s face it, also the most expensive ones). However, seeing the happy faces of children is a great satisfaction and pays off for everything. In fact, I still remember my daughter’s enthusiasm when for her fourth birthday we gave her an electric jeep with a trailer . We spent hours amused … and I with her! 😀 ).

Why give a car or an electric scooter as a gift

As a type of toy, electric cars and motorcycles are suitable for all children, both boys and girls, young and older. Generally they are given to children from 2-3 years onwards depending on the model.
They are built specifically for children, therefore made in such a way that the little ones can drive independently by being behind the wheel and simply pressing a pedal.

Toy cars and motorbikes help children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination , reflexes and be responsible for their actions.
But above all they are simply fun! In fact, in addition to having the opportunity to play outdoors , children can imitate mum and dad. In fact, driving is one of the activities adults can’t wait to do.

Main features of electric vehicles for children

Electric cars and motorbikes for children generally have these characteristics (the first five are common, the others are accessory):

  1. easy to maneuver steering wheel
  2. pedal accelerator with engine brake
  3. working horn
  4. fully assembled except for some small accessories that must be assembled at the moment.
  5. rechargeable battery
  6. doors, headlights and lights working
  7. parental remote control for remote car control
  8. reverse gear
  9. different types of speeds

When choosing the model and to evaluate the value for money, it is always good to inquire about the features and accessories present. Last but not least, make sure of the safety of the toy. For example, the presence of the parental remote control and the ability of the wheels to turn even on smooth surfaces (asphalt, concrete, tiles) could be an element in favor of choosing one model over another.

Models of electric cars and motorcycles for children available

On the market there are electric vehicles for children of all types. They range from the simplest and least expensive cars and motorbikes to those that resemble real cars and motorbikes down to the smallest detail, from single-seaters to those for two children, from those with remote control to those with real lights and sounds. As for the models, you are spoiled for choice: utility cars and motorbikes, sports cars, SUVs, jeeps, military vehicles, quads.

Electric cars and motorbikes for children: here are the most beautiful!

To help you choose, I’ve looked for the most interesting toy cars and electric motorcycles for children both in terms of line, positive reviews and value for money. I have divided them by type and model. I hope there is the most suitable one for your little ones.

The cars like those used by mom and dad

Kids are crazy about cars that look like yours. If you want to buy one, know that on the market there are many models of electric cars for children of well-known brands such as Fiat, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Maserati but there are also many high ones.


Off-road vehicles and electric jeeps are also very popular with boys and girls. The models on the market are really many and you can also indulge yourself with the colors.

Chic cars

Among electric cars there are even more feminine and chic models, which differ in more graceful lines and softer colors.

Electric motorcycles for boys and girls

Instead of cars, one can also opt for a two- or three-wheeled vehicle, such as with electric motorcycles . The models are suitable for both boys and girls, so let your children choose the electric motorbike and the color that attracts them the most (compatibly with your budget).

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