DIY Christmas centerpieces: many easy ideas to prepare at home

Nothing makes the holiday table brighter and more serene than a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. Do you want to prepare one by yourself but you have no ideas? Here are some DIY tips to inspire you!

The Christmas season is great for getting together to do fun and creative activities. Preparations often include cooking and baking , but DIY decorating , decorating your home , or preparing a nice centerpiece can also be fun activities.

If you have children then they will love being invited to participate in all of these activities. Playing a role in home decoration is always a source of pride for them and their eyes will surely light up when the decorations are placed around the rooms.

Since the past few times I have suggested some DIY ideas for decorating the house , today I would focus in particular on the DIY Christmas centerpieces , which I know they always like a lot.

How to make Christmas centerpieces

The reason why having a Christmas centerpiece is a must is because in this period everything revolves around the table: Christmas dinner or lunch, cutting a good slice of panettone, evenings with friends playing bingo. In short, let’s say that the Christmas centerpiece is tradition, as are the garlands outside the door or the Advent calendar .

What to use to create a centerpiece?

Christmas centerpieces need to reflect the entire holiday spirit, so they need to be tastefully created (best coordinated with your home decor), even if they don’t have to be fancy or complicated.

The simplest centerpieces to make are those with natural elements that nature offers us such as evergreen sprigs, sprigs of fir, pine, sticks, pine cones, holly berries, walnuts.
Centerpieces that also contain objects that awaken the senses of smell and taste are also beautiful since they are often edible or contain spices or other scented objects, such as tangerines, dried fruit, dried citrus fruits, berries, cinnamon, star anise, cranberries.

If you are good at manual chores and still have no way of recovering natural elements, you can always draw on your creativity to create alternative do-it-yourself Christmas centerpieces using objects found at home, such as candles, chopping boards, mismatched glasses, fruit, Christmas balls, angels, polystyrene crowns, glass jars, wooden boxes, also to be used as containers.

Ideas for making DIY Christmas centerpieces

To give you some suggestions and whet your imagination, I’ve gathered a few ideas for making effective but rather simple DIY Christmas centerpieces. You can also make them all with the help of your children.

Simple centerpiece with sprigs and candles

Here’s a super simple Christmas centerpiece that all of you can make. All you need to do is place a few fir sprigs on a runner (preferably red or in Christmas colors) and arrange many beautiful candles in an orderly manner, a few colored balls and some pine cones.

Centerpiece with a wooden box

Look how beautiful this centerpiece is! If you have a wooden box, a glass jar and a candle at home,  you can have fun filling it with twigs and berries found in your garden or taking a walk. A satin bow will complete the look.

Centerpiece with pine cones

Simple but effective here is another centerpiece that you can easily make. All you need is a nice tray where you can place twigs and pine cones suitably painted white and with snowflakes.

Country centerpiece

Do you like country style? Here’s a lovely idea to create a nice Christmas centerpiece. All you need is a wooden or stone tablet on which to fix twigs, candles, pine cones, star anise, biscuits, cinnamon, dried oranges (even fake).

Centerpiece with glasses

If you want to make a more original and different centerpiece from the classic centerpieces with pine cones and twigs, look at this idea! It’s very easy to make, all you need are three goblet glasses, a few colored balls and three candles in tone with the balls. Arrange everything on a flat plate or a nice tray and the Christmas centerpiece is served!

Centerpiece with floating candles

Another creative and low-cost idea to make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece is the one with floating candles . All you need is one or more round glass bowls (an old fish bowl works well too), some white floating candles, fresh pine or fir sprigs and some red berries. It only takes five minutes to put them together.

Centerpiece with fruit stands

Do you know the fruit backsplashes ? There are aluminum, wooden, porcelain, glass and even one, two or three floors. Use them and fill them with whatever you want: jars, balls, branches, moss, candles, dried fruit and various decorations. You will see what a beautiful Christmas centerpiece it will be!

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