Crochet Birth favors: 6 cute ideas with tutorials

By now everyone knows that crochet is back in fashion and I would not be surprised if you knew how to do it. Here, have you ever thought of exploiting your passion to make favors for the birth of your baby? Think about it: you have time to devote, you can do them as you want and you will have fun too (believe me, someone who tried it tells you).

The first thing you will have to do is decide the type of wedding favor according to your skills. In general, bags and flat-shaped crochet favors are the easiest to work. If you are a beginner I suggest you choose a scheme easy to perform, well-twisted cotton yarns but avoid super thin yarns because yes, it is true that they give a more beautiful result, but the processing is longer and more laborious. If you are a crochet expert, then you do not need advice, but maybe some ideas do.
Below you will find six different types of Crochet Birth Favors from which to take inspiration. Some are easy others a bit more complex to do but with the tutorial to follow I think you will not have problems.

1-Crochet favors in the shape of a bag

If you like traditional favors, here is a nice crochet candy bag, really easy to make, also suitable for beginners.
It is made by crocheting white cotton in the lower part and is customized with pink, light blue or other colors in the upper part with fans. To do it just follow the tutorial → Favor bag

2-Crochet favors in the shape of a snail

For you who are looking for a decidedly original wedding favor this is perfect!
It is a nice snail that I made using string, a glass jar where to insert sugared almonds and wooden balls. You will have no difficulty doing it if you follow my tutorial → snail favors

3-Crochet favors in the shape of lollipops

Very nice and original also these favors in the shape of lollipops. The technique is that of amigurumi, working with low mesh. You can make various colors then tying the bag of sugared almonds to the handle of the lollipop. To make them follow the tutorial →

4-Crochet favors in the shape of a doll

A girl was born and you want to make crochet favors in the shape of a doll? Here’s what I did: a doll with hat, skirt and flowers all crocheted. To make it I used wooden balls, colored yarn and a little green felt. If you like them follow the tutorial 

5-Crochet favors in the shape of animals

If you are tired of the usual favors change genre. Crochet the eggs for surprises you can make You can make your favors all the same with a single animal or one different from the other: the technique is the same you just have to change color and details. Tutorials →

6-Pram-shaped crochet favors

At this point it is up to you to choose. Remember, however, that wedding favors should not be works of art, but simply gifts to donate to remember a special day. If they are handmade, perfection is not needed… The love with which you will make them is enough.

Kathryn Barlow is an OB/GYN doctor, which is the medical specialty that deals with the care of women's reproductive health, including pregnancy and childbirth.

Obstetricians provide care to women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, while gynecologists focus on the health of the female reproductive system, including the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and breasts. OB/GYN doctors are trained to provide medical and surgical care for a wide range of conditions related to women's reproductive health.

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