Best baby blankets online: here’s where to find them!

One of the essential purchases for the baby’s layette are the blankets for newborns to put on the crib, pram or cot.

Keeping the little ones warm in a small, soft and welcoming “nest” is certainly one of the most important things. In fact, blankets give the little one such a feeling of security that over time a close bond develops between the child and his blanket.

What kind of fabric for the cover?

There are many things to consider before buying a cover. However, the most important are not related to design, style or colours, but to the comfort and quality of the fabrics.

The most used fabrics for covers are cotton, wool and fleece.
The covers indicated with 100% cotton , the covers in pure cotton in natural dyes, the flannel covers, the muslin covers, the covers in pure cotton chenille (not to be confused with the synthetic one) are made of natural cotton, all particularly suitable  for the children.

Wool, on the other hand, is a natural fiber of animal origin that is certainly  soft and warm  and thanks to its ability to retain a greater amount of air it is  very insulating. However, it must be said that a wool blanket needs more attention than a cotton one, especially for washing.

Fleece, microfibre, minky covers are not made of natural but synthetic fabric. However, they are covers particularly appreciated for their numerous qualities: they are soft, velvety, pleasant to the touch, insulating, easy to wash .

What baby blankets?

When buying a blanket for a baby, the first concern must always be safety. In fact, the little one must not only be warm, but also safe.
In fact, small children, with their skin so delicate, need the  utmost delicacy and care, therefore blankets with light, soft and breathable fabrics that guarantee peaceful sleep are preferable .
Enveloping sleeping bags or wearable blankets, warm cotton blankets, better if stratified, blankets in organic and bio material are recommended, especially at the beginning.
Better to avoid quilts that are too heavy and perforated covers where little hands can get caught for the moment.

What blankets for older children?

As babies begin to move more, heavier or more elaborate blankets can be used. Handmade blankets , such as quilted, knit or crocheted ones, can be introduced at 3-4 months. However, it is better to avoid parts that could come off accidentally such as ribbons, buttons or other ornaments.

To be sure of choosing the right blanket, I suggest you read the advice I wrote here some time ago:

15 of the best sites to find blankets for babies online

Online you can find e-shops with blankets for babies that can satisfy all needs and for all budgets.

To facilitate your search, I have selected some of the best online shops that offer a large variety of blankets for newborns, from the most sought after to the classic ones, from the most expensive to the most convenient, from the most original to the handmade ones. .
In the list that follows I have indicated the shop’s link, a brief description of the covers that you can find, images of some covers present in the relative stores.

Here are the shops where you can find baby blankets online

  1. very tender quality blankets with Nanàn characters, ideal for warming up and making the child feel always in company.
  2., a leading company in the childcare sector, offers an infinite number of beautiful and quality blankets, duvets and sheets . The shop is not active, but there are indications of the shops where to find them. Picci is also on Amazon .
  3. many blankets and very soft angel nests in Veloudoux, Groloudoux, cotton, or knit. Unmatched quality thanks to excellent materials.
  4. Very cute baby blankets in cotton, organic cotton and bamboo viscose at affordable prices.
  5. warm blankets for newborns , cradle sets and baby carriers including sheets and doudou puppets also from the Newborn line.
  6. line of knitted blankets in Norwegian style and quality.
  7. covers in organic bamboo fiber 100% produced in Italy and guaranteed by international certifications.
  8. offers blankets for babies and muslins in organic cotton, bamboo and OEKO-TEX certified fabrics.
  9. store stocked with covers from the best brands.
  10. unique, exclusive and customizable covers made by an artisan laboratory.
  11. beautiful collection of hand-embroidered and crocheted baby crib and cot covers for newborns for all tastes and styles.
  12. 100% made in Italy quality blanketsin the creative laboratory of corredinoneonato.
  13. very original celebratory blankets in soft fleece that can be customized with the baby’s name and photo, suitable for cradles and cots but also for taking photographs to record the most important stages in the baby’s life.
  14. customizable soft and warm blankets: just choose the design you like best and indicate the name of the boy or girl.
  15. Bolledisapone beautiful cradle and pram blankets made with the best fabrics but at discounted prices.

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