Beautiful wooden Advent Calendars to fill and reuse!

It’s time to think about the Advent Calendar to put at home. Do you want an easy but beautiful idea? Choose a wooden Advent Calendar to fill and reuse every year! Here are some of the most beautiful to buy online!

Tradition has it that in this period families think about preparing, or at least getting an idea, of the type of Advent Calendar to be set up at home.

There are so many ideas for creating a beautiful Advent calendar for children. For example, you can make original DIY Advent Calendars using the most disparate materials and involving children in the job, or you can buy ready-made Advent Calendars with which children can also play. An example of this is the Lego and Playmobil Advent Calendars that we covered last week.

Why choose a wooden Advent Calendar

In the panorama of Advent Calendars for children, however, there are also wooden Advent Calendars that are a practical but also beautiful and ethical solution. In fact:

  1. The wooden Advent Calendars are ready-to-use constructions (therefore very practical). You do not have to get to work if you do not have time and you will not have to try your hand at any manual work if you are not brought. The only thing you have to do is fill the drawers or windows of the calendar you have chosen with sweets or surprises.
  2. The wooden Advent Calendars, like all games and constructions made of this material, are beautiful to look at, perfect as a Christmas decoration to put at home and unique to bring a lively Christmas atmosphere
  3. The wooden Advent Calendars are not thrown away, on the contrary they are durable and reusable over time! Every year you can pick it up outside and fill it with new surprises for the kids, such as candy, small toys or even personalized messages so that you can offer something special to give every day!

Wooden Advent calendars: here are some of the most beautiful!

As you can imagine on the market there are many wooden Advent Calendars to choose from. To help you buy, I made a small selection. The ones I’m going to show you are some of the Advent Calendars that mothers and children like the most. They are all created with quality wood and decorated in an accurate way, from the smallest and cutest to those a little larger and more scenic.

Truck-shaped wooden advent calendar

If you like a small but nice advent calendar, here’s this one made in the shape of a gift truck. Equipped with 24 small drawers, it is completely in wood, hand painted in the colors of Christmas, perfect in every detail. A style that recalls ancient times, but that children will really like!

Wooden Advent Calendar with book opening

Here’s another cute little Advent Calendar. It is a wooden construction that opens like a book,with detailed Christmas scenes and equipped with 24 drawers where you can put small surprises. Sturdy and durable, it stands anywhere and once folded, it is very easy to store and can be taken out again next year.

Advent calendar with Christmas landscape

This wooden advent calendar is a real eye-catcher for children and very decorative to place in the home. It is a rectangular construction with 24 doors that lift and open. Chocolates, candies or small gifts can be hidden in the small shelves behind the doors.
The Christmas landscape that characterizes it is beautiful and almost fairytale-like.

Advent calendar with Santa Claus

OH OH OH… here comes the Advent Calendar with Santa Claus !
Small but delightful, this original calendar is a great way to decorate a cupboard, shelf or fireplace, but also a very sweet way to tell children the story of Santa Claus.
It’s made of wood and has 24 numbered drawers that you can fill with treats for the kids.

Wooden Advent Calendar with Nativity

Those who love tradition cannot fail to have a nativity scene at home. And so what’s better than an Advent Calendar that shows the Nativity  inside?
Here then is this beautiful wooden calendar in the shape of a house, equipped with 24 drawers, all the characters of the crib and lots of little lights. Kids will love it!

Advent calendar in the shape of a marzipan house

If your children are small and you need something stable and robust, here is this Advent Calendar in the shape of a gingerbread house. Crafted from high quality wood and painted to achieve a truly magical look, this calendar has a large base to stand on so you don’t have to worry about it falling over and breaking. In short, it is Grinch-proof!
Each window is a small drawer where you can hide sweets, jewels and surprises.

Wooden Advent calendar with illuminated landscape

Magical and highly effective here is another Advent Calendar that will leave children speechless. It is a house-shaped construction, with Merry Christmas written, 24 numbered drawers and a fantastic Christmas landscape inside!

Artistic Advent calendar in wood. With lights

Here is a high quality branded product from the Wichtelstube collection. It is an that will amaze both you and your children. The design is unique, elegant and scenographic. The lighting, programmable with an integrated timer, will give you a new enchanting Christmas atmosphere every day.Artistic Advent Calendar→Buy on Amazon

Well, now all you have to do is choose your favorite Advent Calendar and have fun preparing it with surprises!

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