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Baby shoes: 8 tutorials to make them yourself

If you too want to prepare some shoes for your baby’s layette or to announce his arrival, or simply to give a friend a gift, take a look at these baby shoes first. Choose the one you like best and follow the tutorial.

The baby shoes are so small and tender that they make your heart melt just looking at them. I like them all a bit, especially if they are handmade. Yes by hand, by hand. Have you ever tried to make a pair? It’s not that difficult you know, especially if you already have some confidence with needle and thread or with knitting needles and crochet.

You will be able to create cloth or felt shoes, wool or cotton, plain or patterned, crocheted or knitted, summer or winter because the beauty of DIY is precisely being able to create unique and unique little things for the layette. originals made exclusively the way you like them. All you need is imagination and some tutorials to follow to be a little more sure about the procedure.

If you too want to prepare some shoes for your baby’s layette or to announce his arrival, or simply to give a friend a gift, take a look at these baby shoes first . Choose the one you like best and follow the tutorial.

1. Crochet baby shoes

Do you like these crochet shoes ? I made them and they are really simple.
To make them you just need to know how to do single crochet and chain stitch and they’re all done in one piece. The tutorial to follow is accompanied by photos and detailed explanations.

2. Knitted shoes

If you’re better at knitting, these shoes are very simple because they’re made with just two rectangles to join together.
I made them with knitting needles , some soft wool and two buttons. The model is similar to a slipper and is only worked in garter stitch and rib stitch.

3.Cloth baby shoes

Do you prefer fancy cloth shoes to sew with a needle and thread? These are delicious!
All you need is a little fresh patterned cotton for the outside, a solid color for the inside, two cute little buttons and a strap to keep the little shoes on.

4. Felt baby booties

Always to do with needle and thread these very nice shoes to do in felt or diapers.
They are two-tone and can be suitable for both male and female, just choose the colors well.

5. Diaper slippers

If you are looking for minimal but very nice little shoes, these felt/pannolenci slippers are for you!
Just cut the shapes of the sole and upper correctly and sew by machine with a simple zigzag pass.

6.Cloth ballet flats

And now tell me if you didn’t melt at the sight of these fabric shoes!
These fabric ballet flats   with side closure with button and elastic are very pretty.

7-Sandals for the summer

If you want shoes for the summer, here are these cute crochet sandals with double sole and open front model and ankle fastening.
You can make them out of cotton in the colors you like best. The processing is quite simple.

8-Boots for the winter

These crochet ankle boots for the winter are really cute .
They are made in low knit and can be customized by choosing matching or contrasting colors and applying decorative elements or nice buttons

Found something you like? Whatever shoe you decide to make, always remember to use fabric with natural fibers and wool that is soft and delicate on the skin. But above all, don’t worry if they don’t come out perfect: handmade things never are.
Good work!

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