Advent calendar for children: 10 easy ideas to implement

Are you preparing for Christmas? Yes, I mean gifts, Christmas decorations, nativity scenes, Christmas tree… Are you thinking about it? Well, but first of all there is one thing that you must not forget to prepare: the Advent calendar for your children!

Discovering a surprise every day or simply keeping daily count of the days until Christmas for children is truly a magical moment. And then preparing the Advent calendar is certainly a nice opportunity to stay with the family and spend a nice day all together coloring, cutting and creating.

Advent calendar for children

The ideas to create a beautiful Advent calendar are really many. But if you lack inspiration, here are 10 original ideas to take inspiration from. I really like them all because they are colorful, nice and really easy to do.

Advent calendar with children’s socks

To make this colorful Advent calendar you will need 24 children’s socks, better if those that are now too tight or those mismatched. Stretch a thread long enough to hold all the socks and hang them one by one with wooden clothespins.
With adhesive labels numbered each sock and insert a sweet in each of them, then fix the two ends of the wire on the fireplace or simply to the wall with two nails.

Advent calendar with paper cups

Even simple paper cups can be enough to create an Advent calendar that children will love. By applying two googly eyes, a button and two cardboard shapes cut out in the shape of horns, each glass can be transformed into a nice reindeer. Create twenty-four of them, hang them on a line with a clothespin, and fill them with little gifts. Tutorial link → Advent calendar with paper cups
By applying two fake eyes, a button and two cardboard shapes cut out in the shape of horns, each glass can be transformed into a nice reindeer. Make twenty-four of them, hang them on a thread with a clothespin and fill them with small gifts.

Advent calendar with boxes and clothespins

Clothespins are also indispensable in this colorful Advent calendar .
Decorate them externally with markers and tempera or even more easily with washi-tape. Then create small boxes with colored cardboard, attach them to a thread and hang the thread on the clothespins. Beautiful, is not it?

Advent calendar with paper cones

It doesn’t get any easier than that: here is the Advent edition with paper cones Just make twenty-four paper cones by shaping newspaper covers, colored cards or cone-shaped giftpaperand twenty-four strips of cardboard to be fixed with the stapler. The cones will become original containers of sweets to hang on the wall.

Advent calendar with cork blackboard

Colorful and really easy to make is this advent calendar made using a cork board. Children will have fun cutting out many colored trees, numbering them from 1 to 24 and gluing a chocolate on them. The saplings can then be fixed on the blackboard with a simple office pin. Children will have fun cutting out many colored trees, numbering them from 1 to 24 and gluing a chocolate on them.

Advent calendar with colored paper bags

This is a really minimal Advent calendar, but placed inside a basket it has its own reason. By following the instructions that are indicated in the tutorial, you will be able to create colorful paper bags inside which you can hide the sweets that your children will be able to eat starting from December 1st.

Ok starting now don’t throw away toilet paper rolls or cardboard kitchen tubes anymore. You will need them to make this fantastic wreath-shaped advent calendar. All you need to do is cover the cardboard tubes with colored crepe paper and, after having filled them with small gifts, close them like a candy. Paste them on a cardboard disc to form a colorful garland.

Advent calendar with cotton balls

Here’s an Advent calendar…in reverse. For this time the calendar, in fact, instead of being destroyed day by day, will be built. In the tutorial you will find the pdf to print with the face of a chubby Santa Claus to which, starting from December 1st, you will have to attach a cotton ball daily to form his full-bodied white beard. On December 25, Santa Claus will be ready to bring to the children.

If you want to make a truly original Advent calendar, this one with balloons is for you! By following the tutorial you will be able to create a colorful, nice and cheerful calendar. To build it you will need colored balloons inside which you will insert cards or sweets and chocolates. Once inflated, just fix them to the wall to form a large triangle, thus transforming the balloons into large Christmas balls that your children will pop one a day until December 25th.

Nice and easy to make, this advent calendar with egg cartons will easily find a place in every corner of the house. All you need to do is join and color the cartoons green or the color you prefer and decorate and number simple cardboard disks. Then place them on top of each cavity, inside which you will hide treats or small gifts.

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